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SEO Agency Malaysia: 2023 Most Updated & Proven SEO Strategy To Boost Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings

Clarini Online Marketing Sdn. Bhd. Reg No. 201501017170 (1142504-P) is Malaysia’s top SEO company that delivers successful SEO solutions to businesses in Malaysia. We offer affordable Google ads management and SEO packages that are tailored towards the needs of small and medium companies in Malaysia. Our highly experienced SEO specialists are able to analyze your website and come up with innovative SEO strategies that can outrank your competitors on major search engines such as Google and Bing within 12 months or less. The correct SEO strategy, if executed well, can cause your website to get more organic traffic from the search engines. This will result in more inquiries, calls and sales for your business.

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO Stands For

Search engine optimization is small and incremental changes made to the website that improves the ability for the website to get more exposure from the search engines.

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  • Local SEO Malaysia

Local vs National SEO

Local SEO focuses on gaining improved search engine rankings within a specific geographical area while national SEO deals with SEO enhancements that targets nationwide SEO keywords.

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  • SEO Pricing 

How Much Should You Pay for an SEO Consultant?

It depends on the complexity of the SEO assignment. A university website with thousands of pages will definitely be charged more compared to an e-commerce website with merely 20 pages.

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Here are the typical SEO services that we provide at Clarini Online Marketing Sdn Bhd.

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Dr Natasha

“The team at Clarini Online Marketing is amazing. They helped build our current dental website. We’ve not spent a dime on advertising and yet, we are still getting regular inquiries!”

Dr. Natasha Golingi

Dental Clinic Owner – Dr Natasha Dental Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO companies are digital marketing agencies that use organic search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your website’s visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

We are a 100% SEO and inbound content marketing agency. We don’t do paid ads. We don’t build websites. We are one of the few SEO companies in Malaysia that adopt AI SEO technology in our processes. We use AI to analyze your website’s current standing, competitor websites and recommend an SEO strategy to rank you higher. We also offer NLP content creation services which not many SEO companies in Malaysia are offering right now.

There are many SEO companies in Malaysia. We cannot say that we are the best SEO company in Malaysia, but what makes us different is our unrivaled experience and expertise when it comes to providing ROI-focused digital marketing services for local businesses. Our proprietary search engine optimization, SEM (search engine marketing), and content marketing strategies have helped Malaysian businesses gain more leads and increase their online revenue. We have a 100% customer retention rate as our clients are happy with the results that our unique SEO strategies produce.

The typical SEO companies in Malaysia price is between RM4000 up to RM15000 monthly.

Is the price fixed?

No, it’s not fixed. Every company will provide you with a different offer depending on their services and the SEO package which they are offering. It is best to first compare their proposals before choosing one that suits your needs. Read our article titled SEO pricing in Malaysia for an in-depth coverage on this topic.

We encourage all of our potential clients (online shop owners, lawyers, dentists,too many to mention here) to request a free SEO consultation with one of our team members during which we will discuss your needs and create an action plan that is unique for your business. After the initial free SEO consultation, you can decide if you would like us to continue working on your online marketing campaign or not.

There are several, but the most common ones would be keyword analysis, content writing, backlinks building, on-page SEO optimization, and social media marketing.

There are no set rules, but most SEO companies in Malaysia will require you to sign up for at least 6 months.

This is one of the most common questions that we get to hear from our clients. SEO is a technical field, which requires a lot of research and expertise. In addition to this, there are several aspects in SEO such as link building and keyword research, which require years of experience and knowledge; only after which can these actions be done correctly. If you decide to do SEO in-house, be prepared to invest a lot of resources, money, and time. It is possible to be successful, but it requires an extremely large amount of effort and understanding the basics of SEO which you may not possess initially.

On the other hand, if you decide to outsource your work to a reputable SEO company such as ours at Clarini Online Marketing, we would take care of your SEO needs and help you achieve success! We will plan, execute and manage everything for you.

SEO strategies can be categorized into four major types; On-page, Off-Page, Technical and Local SEO.

On-Page Optimisation is part of search engine optimization (SEO) that focuses on manipulating a website’s content and HTML elements to help improve its search engine rankings. On-page SEO mostly requires technical knowledge of how the web works, like for instance structuring websites correctly using HTML tags and coding.

Off-page SEO consists of techniques such as link building (creating external links to linking websites) and obtaining good quality backlinks from reputable websites. Our team of link-building specialists can help you with all of your off-page SEO needs.

Technical SEO deals with indexation and site architecture, and they are the factors that determine how search engines view your website. Technical jobs such as website crawling and page speed optimization require a lot of expertise to be done correctly.

Local SEO is the process of optimizing a website for local search engines such as Google Maps and Yahoo! Local, to help drive traffic through organic search to businesses who wish to be found locally. This type of SEO requires both technical and marketing skills and knowledge which we possess at Clarini Online Marketing.

Our search engine marketing packages can be found here. Each package is unique to the needs of the customer and starts from as little as RM 4,620. Our SEO packages work on a monthly retainer with an average upfront payment of RM 4,620. We also provide a free SEO consultation during which we will discuss your needs and develop an SEO action plan for you.

How can we help you?

Send us your name, email, website, and any detailed information you can provide about the project, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a plan to get to the first page in Google.

I managed to secure a RM3000 website creation deal after a one-on-one SEO coaching session with the SEO experts in Clarini Online Marketing Sdn Bhd

Cornellius Henry

Digital Marketing Consultant

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