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Let us help you use Facebook advertising to:

  • Build Facebook profit engine with customization.

  • Optimize ROI: Data Insights, Strategic Ad Placements.

  • Elevate your brand with Facebook advertising.

Be Found, Or Lose Countless Customers

Effective Facebook ads are essential for business visibility. Failing to utilize them means missing out on countless potential customers and losing ground in the competitive digital landscape.

Drive In-store Sales

Unlock the power of Facebook ads to boost in-store sales. Target local customers and drive foot traffic today.

Generate Leads

Discover your perfect prospects and offer them compelling information or enticing deals regarding your business.

Increase Online Sales

Boost revenue by optimizing Facebook ad campaigns to attract and convert more customers for online sales.

Promote Your Mobile App

Utilize targeted Facebook ads to reach a wider audience, boost downloads, and increase visibility for your mobile app effectively.

Launch a New Product

Maximize product visibility and engagement through strategic Facebook ad campaigns for a successful new product launch.

Promote your Videos

Boost video visibility through targeted Facebook ads, harnessing its vast user base and robust ad targeting tools.

Facebook Ads Journey with Clarini Online Marketing

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Assigned Specialist

Our Facebook ads specialist will contact you to get information and further discussion.

Review & Propose Action Plan

Analyze performance data, assess ROI, optimize targeting, and present strategic ad campaigns.


We will setup, optimize, target, and track ROI for your Facebook ad campaign execution.


Summarizing Facebook ad performance in detailed monthly reports for better optimization.

Continuous Optimization

Maximizing Facebook ad campaign results through continuous optimization and data analysis.

Facebook Ads Packages & Pricing


MYR699per month (12 months)
  • RM 729.00/month (6 months) RM 749.00/month (3 months)
  • Facebook Like/Post Engagement
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Brand Awareness


MYR1,399per month (12 months)
  • RM 1,449.00/month (6 months) RM 1,499.00/month (3 months)
  • Facebook Like/Post Engagement
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Brand Awareness
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Facebook Lead Generation
  • Video Views
  • Store Visit


MYR2,699per month (12 months)
  • RM 2,799.00/month (6 months) RM 2,899.00/month (3 months)
  • Facebook Like/Post Engagement
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Brand Awareness
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Facebook Lead Generation
  • Video Views
  • Store Visit
  • Promote Apps Install
  • Increase Conversion
  • Product Catalog Sales
  • Facebook Canvas Ads

What We Manage With Your Account

Look Alike Audience

We expand your lists to connect with like-minded individuals on Facebook.

Pixel Implementation

We confirm that your Facebook pixel is installed and tracking correctly.

Set Up Remarketing

We help you re-engage with people who have visited your page.

Manage Ad Spending

We manage your expenses by focusing on ROI.

Build Custom Audience

Upload customer lists for targeted or excluded.


Monitor, analyze, and report on your ad account.

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New traders sign up using Facebook ads

Forex Malaysia

Finance Market Industry

Clicks Increase
Impression Increase


  • Facebook Ads expanded its reach to the Malaysian audience.

  • Engaging videos, likes, shares, and comments.

  • Campaigns boosted forex traffic with a website visit increase.

We Specialize In The Following Industries


Travel Agencies

Packaging Companies

Law Firms

Car Rental Services

E-Commerce Companies



"Forex Malaysia increased new trader sign up using Facebook ads using Clarini Online Marketing Sdn. Bhd."

Forex Malaysia

Portal Forex Trading Malaysia

Why is a long-term Facebook ads marketing important for businesses in 2023?

Long-term Facebook ad marketing in 2023 is important for businesses to establish a brand presence, build customer relationships, optimize campaigns, and adapt to evolving trends for sustained growth and ROI.

Brand Awareness and Trust

Consistency in advertising on Facebook helps build and reinforce brand awareness over time. When consumers repeatedly see your brand and messages, it can lead to increased trust and familiarity. Trust is a crucial factor in the purchase decision-making process, and a long-term strategy can help establish that trust.

Audience Building and Remarketing

Over time, you can build a valuable database of customer data and insights through Facebook Ads. This data can be used to create highly targeted audiences for your ads and to implement effective remarketing campaigns. Continuously engaging with your audience and refining your targeting can lead to better ROI as you reach people who are more likely to convert.

Algorithm Optimization

Facebook's advertising algorithm relies on data and machine learning. A long-term strategy allows the algorithm to learn more about your target audience, optimizing ad delivery and performance. Consistency in advertising activity can lead to better results as the algorithm becomes more familiar with your campaign goals and objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Ads are a form of paid advertising that businesses and individuals can use to promote their products, services, or content on the Facebook platform. Facebook, being one of the world's largest social media platforms, offers a powerful advertising platform that allows advertisers to target specific audiences based on various parameters.

Facebook Ads are displayed to users based on their interests, behaviors, demographics, and more. Advertisers create campaigns, choose their target audience, set a budget, and create engaging ad creatives. The ads are then shown in users' Facebook and Instagram feeds, Stories, and other placements.

Facebook Ads can benefit your business by:

  • Increased Reach: Access to a vast user base on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Precise Targeting: Reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  • Engagement: Engage with potential customers through likes, comments, and shares.
  • Website Traffic: Drive traffic to your website or landing page.
  • Lead Generation: Collect leads through forms directly on the platform.
  • Measurable Results: Track performance with detailed analytics.

Facebook Ads services can benefit a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises. However, the suitability depends on your target audience and business goals. Consulting with professionals can help determine if Facebook Ads align with your marketing strategy.

Yes, Facebook Ads services provide detailed insights into campaign performance. Metrics such as impressions, clicks, click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and return on ad spend (ROAS) are tracked and reported. This data helps measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and make informed adjustments.

Facebook Ads services offer several benefits, including precise audience targeting, cost-effective advertising, increased brand exposure, and measurable results. These services leverage the vast user base of Facebook to reach potential customers and drive desired actions.

To get started, you can reach out to marketing agencies or professionals who offer Facebook Ads services. They will guide you through the process of setting up campaigns, creating ad creatives, defining goals, and managing the entire advertising process.