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“Sales increased 5 times after using Clarini online marketing. Very committed staff”

Rosnah Dumas

Client Account Manager – QPack Sabah Sdn. Bhd.

Don’t Let Your Competitors Eat Your Lunch! Use Our Google Adwords Digital Marketing Service to Generate High Quality Leads & Dominate Your Industry…

Your competitors are working hard to make sure you run out of business. They are using cutting edge digital marketing, outspending you on Facebook advertising, creating compelling landing pages, executing search engine optimization using proven SEO services and hiring a Google ads agency to run Google ads to make sure that all your potential clients become theirs. Don’t allow them an inch.

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Be ready to fight back. And fight back hard! This is not the time to become timid and conservative by relying solely on traditional advertising methods. Your target audience are on social media. They are on Google. You must be where your buyers are!

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Google advertising (formerly known as Google adwords) is the secret tool used by savvy business owners to drive brand awareness and get more customers. If you want to grow your business and become successful, you must find a way to integrate Google ads management in your business process. Don’t be surprised when upon executing Google ads campaigns, you will get more phone calls, more leads and more sales, and in the long-term, achieve your business goals.

At Clarini Online Online Marketing Sdn Bhd, we got your back. Unlike some google ads agencies, we won’t leave our clients to hang and dry. We are committed to your business success. We want you to succeed. We want you to make money. Google advertising is our go to marketing strategy to help our clients achieve their marketing goals. Check out some of the snapshots below for some evidence of how our Google ads agency is able to execute ad campaigns and help our clients gain success:

Barry UmbatBarry Umbat
10:55 13 Jan 24
Feel blessed to engaged my business with Clarini on travel & tour marketing strategies. Significant growth can be seen in clients enquiries from all over regions to check on my sales packages. Worth to engage where Clarini are truly have excellent ideas on how to boost market my products. They really expert in their consulting business.
Rosnah DumasRosnah Dumas
07:34 15 Aug 23
Sales increased 5 times after using Khidmat Clarini online marketing. Very committed staff👍

Our Happy Clients

Execute Lead Generation Campaigns Using Google Ads!

Google Ads is primarily a search engine marketing and online advertising platform where businesses create and display ads on Google’s search results and partner sites. Use Google Ads or hire our Google ads agency to reach out to your target audience, generate qualified leads and boost online sales!

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads displays text ads in search results, connecting your business with users actively seeking products and services, making it highly targeted and effective.

Google Display Ads

The Google Display Ads can display visually engaging ads, reaching a broad audience for brand exposure and marketing campaigns through the Google Display Network, which is a vast network of websites and apps connected to Google.

Youtube Advertising

Youtube Advertising enables your business to showcase video ads on the popular video-sharing platform reaching a diverse audience and capitalizing on video’s engaging and persuasive storytelling capabilities.

Google Remarketing

Google remarketing is an online advertising strategy where ads are shown to users who have previously visited a website, helping re-engage and convert them by targeting their specific interests.

Gmail Advertising

Gmail advertising refers to Google’s ad platform that displays targeted ads within users’ Gmail inboxes, based on their email content and user behavior, helping advertisers reach a relevant audience.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a service that allows users to search for and compare products from various online retailers. It displays product listings, prices, and reviews, streamlining online shopping.

Google Ads Journey with Clarini Online Marketing

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We’ll review your website and propose a tailored action plan for you.

Execute Google Ads Framework

Google Ads implementation: campaigns, keywords, ads, and audience targeting.


You can monitor the results in the monthly reports.

Continuous Optimization

Continuous optimization ensures effective, goal-aligned campaigns.

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Our Proven Google Ads Process to Success

Stage 1

Goal Setting

Define your advertising objectives, whether it’s increasing website traffic, sales, or brand awareness.

Stage 2

Keyword Research

Identify valuable keywords; relevance, competition, search volume, cost-per-click, and more.

Stage 3

Campaign Creation

Create a new Google Ads campaign, selecting campaign type, budget, and location targeting.

Stage 4

Ad Group Setup

We will organize your keywords into ad groups, each with specific ads and landing pages.

Stage 5

Ad Creation

Craft compelling text or display ads that align with your chosen keywords and ad groups.

Stage 6

Bid Strategy

Determine how you’ll bid for clicks, conversions, or impressions to optimize your budget.

Stage 7

Monitoring & Optimization

Continuously monitor campaign performance, adjust keywords, bids, and ad content as needed.

Stage 8

Landing Page Optimization

Identify valuable keywords for Google Ads: relevance, competition, search volume, cost-per-click, and more.

Stage 9

Reporting and Analysis

Regularly review campaign data, analyze results, and refine your strategy to maximize ROI.

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Achieved 5X Sales Within 6 Months

QPack Sabah Sdn. Bhd.

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Clicks Obtained


  • Obtained 3,940 clicks to the website within 6 months.

  • Sales increased 5X within 6 months.

  • Enhanced brand visibility.

We Specialize In The Following Industries


Travel Agencies

Packaging Companies

Law Firms

Car Rental Services

E-Commerce Companies



“The team at Clarini Online Marketing is amazing. They helped build our current dental website. We’ve not spent a dime on advertising and yet, we are still getting regular inquiries!”

Dr. Natasha Golingi

Dental Clinic Owner –

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google that allows businesses to display their advertisements on Google’s search engine results pages, as well as on other websites and platforms within the Google Display Network.

Google Ads primarily displays ads to real people who uses the Google search engine to look for information. Ads are displayed based on the search terms or keywords that are keyed into the Google search engine. Depending on how much the advertiser has paid for a keyword, the ads can be displayed on top of the search results page, or it can be displayed at the bottom of the first page or at the second or third page.

Google Ads offers targeted advertising, reaching users actively searching for products or services. It provides control over budget, targeting options, ad formats, and performance tracking, allowing businesses to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

There are several campaign types, including Search Campaigns (text ads on search results), Display Campaigns (visual ads on websites), Video Campaigns (ads on YouTube), Shopping Campaigns (product listings), and App Campaigns (promoting mobile apps).

To get started, you’ll need a Google Ads account. You can create campaigns, set up ads, choose targeting options, and manage your budget through the Google Ads platform.

Remember that Google Ads can be complex, so consider seeking professional assistance or consulting Google’s official resources for in-depth guidance.