What is SaaS SEO?

The technique of increasing organic traffic to a SaaS (Software as a Service) company’s website by achieving top rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) for a list of relevant keywords is known as SaaS SEO.

It’s worth noting that many SaaS companies use performance marketing (PPC, social advertisements, affiliate marketing, and so on) to quickly scale new client acquisitions. Many people are quickly finding, however, that the prices of doing so are rising, and that relying only on the sponsored acquisition can put you at a disadvantage.

You’re probably aware of this and are here for the same reason as everyone- looking for a sustainable solution, and that is SaaS SEO.

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The traffic stops when you turn off or minimize sponsored advertising.

That’s why having a solid B2B SaaS SEO strategy to drive content marketing is crucial. SEO can help you get more traffic and expand your business organically. Many SaaS companies are increasing their channel investments in order to diversify visitor sources and keep acquisition costs low.

Content marketing driven by SaaS SEO strategy is the surefire way for long-term growth and sustainability. This is because people are constantly looking for software-related material to consume and not necessarily be shopping for software like yours right now, but they are seeking for material that is relevant to what you do. They might require your program at some point in the future.

Is SEO for SaaS Companies Even Necessary?

You’re undoubtedly thinking if SEO is really worth your time, effort, and money as a SaaS marketer.

In a nutshell, the answer is yes. Here are a few of the reasons why your SaaS business can benefit from a well thought off SaaS SEO Strategy:

a) Help Scale Growth Exponentially for Lead Acquisition

Driving traffic and creating leads is one of the most difficult aspects of SaaS marketing. However, with good and proper content-led SEO (which is, in most situations, what SaaS SEO is), you can see accelerated growth.

Image source: Semrush Blog

Take a look at the graph above to see how evergreen content can have a compounding effect on lead and traffic acquisition.

Consider how this would look on a larger scale.

Yup, generally the more high-quality content you produce, the more visitors you’ll get (assuming that this is best-in-class content that ranks). And this is the path that SaaS heavyweights like HubSpot and Pipedrive have taken to expand.

You may expect to see month-to-month traffic growth if you have the correct approach in place. It’s a rather predictable upward trend. And the following is a typical example of such a strategy:

  • Create useful content that focuses on a set of thematically related keywords.
  • To earn links, promote this content.
  • Observe a spike in organic traffic and rankings.
  • Make use of the data you gathered during the content’s initial launch to improve and better optimise it in order to drive more growth.
  • Obtain high ranks and maintain a steady flow of traffic.
  • To target different keyword groups, repeat the process.

b) SEO Can Help Reduce Cost-per-Acquisition 

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Obtaining SaaS clients can be costly. The cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of other acquisition channels, such as PPC, rises as the campaign matures. This is due to the fact that you get charged for each click. And as time passes, your target audience becomes less and less important.

When it comes to SEO, though, the opposite is true. With time, your CPA decreases as your traffic grows. You also don’t have to pay for each click, unlike sponsored media.

c) Customers Can Be Converted From Other Channels Using SEO

Image source: Accelerate Agency

The truth is that any SaaS SEO plan will demand a significant amount of content production.

This content, however, does more than merely assist you to rank for your desired keywords. It can be integrated into your social media strategy, email marketing strategy, or even sponsored traffic strategy.

The proper strategy can help you attract and convert customers from other marketing channels, which should be a major justification for your platform’s continued SEO investment.

Why Clarini Online Marketing is the Preferred SaaS SEO Agency for your SaaS Business

Here are 5 reasons why Clarini Online Marketing is not your average SEO agency.

a) Our sole focus is SEO

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We are a 100% SEO Agency and do not dabble into Search Engine Marketing (SEM) like PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, paid social, and more. We believe that SEO is a more sustainable and cost-friendly choice in the long run for SaaS businesses.

Our approach for SaaS SEO businesses integrates technical, onsite, and offsite SEO with content marketing and more. This all-encompassing strategy to SEO assures that we maintain month-over-month PQL and MQL growth while increasing MRR for your SaaS company. We’re familiar with SaaS marketing KPIs, SaaS-specific SEO strategies, and SaaS marketing and product growth tactics.

b) Highly trained and experienced SEO content writers

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Content is king. Period.

The secret to a successful B2B SaaS SEO strategy is pure, good-quality content. Great authors, on the other hand, do not understand SEO content strategy. Therefore, we only make sure to get the best-experienced SEO content writers on board to help your B2B SaaS company bring traffic into your pocket.

Each and every one of our writers have at least 5 years+ of experience in putting out engaging, and well-researched SEO-friendly content. Our SEO experts are well-trained and highly competent in all aspects of the SEO industry. Whether it involves on-page SEO, local SEO, technical SEO, e-commerce SEO, Shopify SEO, dental SEO, law firm SEO, international SEO, and off-page SEO, no SEO problems are too difficult for our in-house SEO team.

c) Featured on reputable SEO publications

Our SEO experts have been featured in reputable SEO publications such as Search Engine Journal, Lion Zeal, Traders Fair Malaysia and the National Excellence Agency.

d) Prioritise KPI

We’re more concerned with driving important business KPIs like SQLs, qualifying signups, and new MRRs than with increasing rankings and traffic. Because they are focused on rankings and traffic, most SaaS SEO agencies just do not comprehend this.

Despite the fact that ranking and traffic growth are major indicators of success, we at Clarini Online Marketing are not overjoyed if there is no business advantage.

There is no partying if the number of SQLs/qualified signups does not increase as a result of SEO.

e) Track Record of Successful, Happy Clients

Some brands that have benefited from our SEO services are dental practices such as Gentle Dental Surgery, and Dr. Natasha Dental Clinic. Some other happy clients are Forex Malaysia, XM Malaysia, Kaya Muda, and more.

“The team at Clarini Online Marketing is amazing. They helped build our current dental website. We’ve not spent a dime on advertising and yet, we are still getting regular inquiries!” said Dr. Natasha Golingi, owner of Dr Natasha Dental Clinic.

Image source: Clarini Online Marketing

As for the case study on Gentle Dental Surgery, our SEO consultant was able to pinpoint several issues on their website after an SEO audit that may have caused low rankings on Google. After a thorough inspection and proper alterations to targeted keywords and more, Gentle Dental Surgery’s website gained more organic traffic by 300% and was ranked as the number one dentist in Kota Kinabalu in the first page of Google. This digital marketing effort was also paid off as they had more patient calls and inquiries.

Check out other successful case studies with happy clients here.

Our Unique SaaS SEO Process

Here’s how we execute SEO campaigns at Clarini Online Marketing. Obviously, the first step in any SEO campaign is always website auditing. These audits are crucial for us to understand how your current site is built along with any technical errors which are holding your site back from ranking in the first page of Google.

a) Keyword Research

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We uncover commercially feasible high-volume, low-competition intuitive keywords for SaaS businesses. Not just any keywords, but those terms that your potential customers use when they are searching for solutions to their problems. We incorporate rigorous B2B keyword research into your B2B SaaS SEO plan.

We start with a thorough analysis of the search terms you want to rank for. Then we research customer intent and competition to find informational intent keywords.

Our SaaS SEO experts will use the data compiled in the research stage to create a list of keywords you should focus on throughout your content. Keyword lists are included in our reports so you have all the information you need to successfully implement your SEO marketing strategy.

b) Site Architecture

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With a well-optimized website architecture, users and search engine crawlers can effortlessly navigate your site. It assists users in determining “What do I do here?” “What should I do next?” and “What should I do next?”.

To implement this, our SEO specialist will:

  • Use SEO-friendly URL structure
  • Use a sitemap for optimal crawling with XML sitemaps and RSS/Atom feeds
  • Provide a secure, user-friendly experience by increasing site speed, implementing mobile-friendliness, and using HTTP protocol

c) On-page SEO: 

Image source: Radd Interactive

Our SaaS SEO expert uses optimal on-page SEO practices to optimize your website.

  • Optimizing your website so that Google and other search engines can simply crawl and index it.
  • Improving the user experience of your website, from mobile responsiveness to fast loading time and other variables that will keep your visitors on your site for longer.
  • Adding title tag, HTML, meta description and headlines wherever necessary in your website to improve click-through-rate and search engine rankings.

d) Technical SEO

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Here’s what our technical SEO team we will do to improve your site’s visibility and ranking:

  • Increase contextually relevant content: 

This is mainly to boost topical relevance. The word count or the number of times you use your target keyword are irrelevant to modern search engine algorithms. They are only interested in a page’s relevance to a topic and relevant entities. Technically, your content will be compared to language processing algorithms to see if what you have on a page and throughout your complete website should be regarded as authoritative on your chosen topic.

  • Decrease website and crawl issues:

If you have a lot of problems, you risk the majority of your content not being seen by search engines, thus we will get rid of as many as we can.

e) Ongoing Content Plan 

Here’s our content marketing strategies on how we develop content for your SaaS company by centering on informational intent keywords:

  • Consolidate pages:

One extraordinary page outperforms numerous average pages in the eyes of search engines.

  • Develop topic cluster map for website content

Our marketing team will create a topic cluster map that defines the topics you want to address. Once your content is published, it will be organized in a way that makes it easy for readers to find relevant information on your site. Topic clusters show Google that a website has a lot of useful content and is relevant to a specific subject.

  • Enrich content user experience:

Image source: Medium

Not only is a good user experience better for your visitors, but industry testing shows that it has an impact on how Google views websites’ authority. We will provide engaging content and present it in a strategic layout. Information will also be concise and informative, and most importantly keeping it simple.

  • Update key content and post high quality content on a regular basis

Using your topic cluster map as our guide, we’ll develop relevant keywords and phrases throughout your blog post or article. We follow industry best practices so every sentence will be high-quality, interesting, and relevant.

We’ll also use your list of targeted keywords to create an SEO-friendly blog post title with the most effective word count for each keyword. Our writers are all seasoned professionals with extensive experience in creating content that ranks well in search engine results pages. They have a deep understanding of SEO practices so they know how to get your website noticed by your target audience.

We’ll send you a draft of the blog post or article before we publish it to ensure that you approve every detail. On top of that, we will continually update and upgrade your content to help you stay ahead of the competition by keeping it as relevant and high-quality as possible.

f) Backlink Building:

Our second to last step is backlink building which is also an Off-site SEO strategy. Getting high-quality backlinks for your SaaS website will help you rank higher in search engines.

Image source: Smashing Copy

Link building also contributes to authority building and brand awareness within the industry. When a user sees other authoritative websites linked to yours, it naturally puts your brand in a positive light and increases their trust in you.

Here, we use these 2 very important, yet simple strategies to do so:

  • Broken link building

This is by far our favorite strategy for backlink building for SaaS companies. The term “broken link” refers to a hyperlink that no longer works.

Image source: Backlinko 

Broken links are bad for any website because they might harm its SEO. Many of leading software companies’ websites may have pages with such broken links.

As a knowledgeable SEO agency, we take advantage of this chance to contact these websites and give them an alternative link—a link to your website. Through this way, we usually are able to net a respectable number of links to our clients’ site.

  • Email outreaching to top-ranking players in the industry

Image source: Backlinko

This strategy is just as simple as reaching out to the top players who are already linked to your competitors or relevant pages. We will put in a good note for your SaaS company and how your content will definitely add value for their audience. Basically, if your content is actually better, there’s no doubt that you will score that high-quality link.

g) Narrative SEO Reporting

As a SaaS SEO company, we are a massive believer in transparency. As a result, we will deliver a full report on how our SEO efforts have impacted your SaaS company, as well as insight into each link we’ve established. These reports provide an overview of how the campaign is progressing along with your keyword rankings.

What You Should Do Now 

Are you ready to grow your SaaS company? Here’s how you can do so:

  1. Reach out to us at +6013-8896281, or email us at clarinionline@gmail.com for a short discussion on your current SEO condition, as well as your short-term and long-term goals. We’ll assess the strengths and weaknesses of your SaaS company’s SEO and content marketing tactics, and offer actionable advice and ideas to help you improve your rankings and traffic.
  2. After this, you can get a FREE SaaS SEO Audit if you’d like to collaborate with us to make your website your best demo and trial acquisition platform. One of our demand generation experts will assess your present demand generation scenario and recommend practical digital marketing ideas for quickly doubling demo and trial traffic and conversion.

We’re a Team of SEO Consultants, Content Writers & Industry Outreach Specialists Passionate in Helping Your SaaS Business Grow

There are many SEO agencies in Malaysia that offer expert SaaS SEO services, but what makes us different is that we adopt AI SEO technology in our processes. We use AI to analyze your website’s current standing, competitor websites and recommend an SEO strategy to rank you higher. We also offer NLP content creation services which not many SEO companies in Malaysia are offering right now.

Our proprietary search engine optimization, SEM (search engine marketing), and content marketing strategies have helped Malaysian businesses gain more leads and increase their online revenue. We have a 100% customer retention rate as our clients are happy with the results that our unique SEO strategies produce.