The Challenge

TFS Kaya Muda Sdn Bhd is a company founded by Khalid Hamid, an author and accomplished forex trader from Malaysia. He is the author of the acclaimed book and video training, Teknik Forex Sebenar (now rebranded as TFS Price Action). We joined on board as an affiliate for his program. He has build an entire sales funnel for his training program. The only problem was that he needed more eyeballs (traffic) to his landing page. Here’s where we come in.

High Converting Landing Page But Poor Traffic

Mr. Khalid hired a copywriter to design his landing and write the copy. The resulting landing page was good but he didn’t have a lot of online traffic to generate more sales for his book.


Overall Sales

We contributed 45% from the overall sales.


Affiliate Partner

We became the #1 affiliate partner for TFS Kaya Muda.


New Leads

We sent a lot of new forex leads into their sales funnel.

Our Process

We executing an integrated plan to drive more traffic to their landing page by focusing on areas that provided the greatest opportunities at a lower cost:

  • Long-tail keyword research – The big keywords in forex trading has been dominated for years by large, authoritative forex websites. We realized earlier on that we can’t compete directly with them. We had to be creative with our keyword research to look for hidden nuggets of opportunities – Underutilized forex search terms that are relatively easy to rank on Google. They may have lower search volume compared to the big forex keywords but they convert better than generic forex search terms.

  • Capitalizing on Exact Match Domain (EMD) feeder websites and Facebook pages – To compete with the big boys in forex, we executed an EMD strategy. We had a main blog which was an EMD and build several Facebook pages that contains the keyword that we were targeting on the URL – E.g.

  • We published regularly on the EMD website targeting low-hanging fruit keywords and we produced regular Facebook posts on our Facebook pages.

  • We build an email list from the traffic that came to the EMD website and Facebook pages.

  • One of the Facebook pages grew from 0 to 30K followers per month. We were able to grow our audience very fast by executing our custom Facebook Like campaign strategy. While nearly all the Facebook Ads gurus at that time were telling the crowd to stop using Like ads campaign, we were ramping up our ad spend to generate more Likes and followers to our page. We were looking towards the long-term instead of short term profitability.

Grow your traffic

When you grow your traffic, you increase the likelihood of getting more leads and inquiries to your business.


Increase your sales

In this digital age, guiding leads through an effective sales funnel is key to your business success.

Sales Chart
Marketing Project

The Result

Khalid Hamid’s forex training program was a massive success due to correct market positioning, superior landing page conversion and some help from us in terms of sending traffic and leads.

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